About Us

We're a mother and daughter (and occasionally granddaughter!) team based in sunny south Wales. 

Between us we have been collecting dolls for over 50 years and have often talked about going into business proper. It seemed destined to remain nothing but a pipe dream, but circumstances change, situations evolve, and now here we are with our own webshop and shelves full of mini goodies. 

Although we argue over some of the specifics - cue the resurrection of the age old 'which playline jointed fashion doll body is superior?' debate - we both agree that there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of tracking down the perfect miniature. 

Our store is a mix of vintage pieces, new splits of current dolls and figures, and handmade items reflecting our individual interests. If there's something you want to see, drop us a line on our socials or at jess@babiafi.co.uk and let us know! :)