144 x 12th Scale DVD Covers.

    "Two printable sheets of 1:12 scale DVD covers. The titles were chosen via a mish mash of different '100 Greatest Movie' lists - there are 144 covers altogether. Just cut out the covers and glue them to craft foam / cardboard / wood / plastic, etc, with the dimensions of c. 1.1cm x 1.6cm x 0.2cm. If you are lazy like me you can even print them to sticker paper to make the task easier. There are two options for the download files: UK A4 format (paper measuring 210 x 297 mm) and USA Letter format (paper measuring 279 x 216mm), for ease of printing."

    *I sell all my digital downloads through Etsy, so the links in this post will take you there. They are all priced at £2.49 but the sales tax Etsy adds varies depending on your country, generally between 10p and 50p.*

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