Size Guide

Getting the scale right is key to the world of miniatures. The three major scales we deal in are:

★ 1/12 - This is standard doll house scale and makes an adult human about 6 inches (15cm) tall.

★ 1/6 - This is the scale for fashion dolls - think Barbie and her friends - and action figures. An adult human in 'playscale' would be about 12 inches (30cm) tall. 

★ 1/3 - This scale encompasses doll brands like American Girl, Design a Friend, and larger BJDs (ball jointed dolls). An adult human in 1/3 scale would be about 24 inches (60cm) tall but, in practice, this scale is used to fit dolls ranging from around 18 right through to 28 inches tall, especially as many of the 18 inch brands are meant to represent children.

Other scales you might encounter include 1/4 (c. 14-16 inch dolls), 1/16 (older doll house lines like Caroline's Home), 1/18 (think Lundby), 1/24 ('half scale'), 1/48 ('quarter scale'), and 1/144 ('micro scale', roughly equivalent to N gauge model railways). Our railway enthusiast cousins also have Z gauge (1/220) and T gauge (1/450), just to supply us with even more options.

Basically, the larger the number after the dots or slash, the smaller the thing is going to be. While we don't specialise in the smaller scales we are always on the lookout for interesting pieces just the same; nothing satisfies the call of the small quite like tiny miniatures for your tiny miniatures!